Casing Management

Truck tyre casings are a valuable asset for any fleet business. A well maintained tyre can produce a better condition casing at the end of its serviceable life, which in turn has a higher value as it can be used as a retread. We work with a number of casing partners, and can operate a casing collection or casing bank system. A customer who uses retreads on their fleet may wish to operate a casing bank system, and for more information you can speak with a member of our team. These very cost effective systems can further help to bring your tyre spend under control, and we work with all customers on an individual basis to find the best solution.

  • Have better conditioned casings with higher resale value
  • Extremely Cost effective
  • Reduce your tyre expenditure
  • A wealth of experience
  • Working closely with customer for optimum results
  • Friendly and helpful staff